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Europratik.com is a Digital Catalogue, Reward point system website and mobile app for a interior design company.

We provided them with a complete package which comprised of website and two mobile applications.

The delivery is coupled with a very flexible admin panel from where the admins of EuroPratik can monitor both website and apps. Features like User Access Control, Reward point allocation, Product/invoice verification, and a Rich CMS to add/update/delete any new/old product is implemented.



Convertron: A website that converts websites to android and ios mobile apps. Convertron allowed us to make apps for our customers by converting their website into mobile apps. It served our basic needs but we also started implementing different add-on plugins like notifications.

Eventually, after lots of testing and feedback, we decide to help people with similar problems by launching our tool as an online service.



Buyetix.com is a Multi-Tenant SaaS platform that allows multiple event organisers to sell their event tickets online. There is a portal where customers can buy tickets from event organisers.

The system implements many features such as multi-level permissions, horizontal tenant access control, payment settlements, sales analysis, UAC, Invoice management, Ticket management, Semi Isolated database and much more. Owners of buyetix.com can access all the event organiser’s panel independently thus creating a online income stream.

Gamma Bio Tech
Gamma Bio Tech-logo
Gamma Bio Tech


Gammabiotechs.com is a pharmaceutical company whose primary Moto is to provide authentic and genuine product to their customers. We prosed a solution by which the customers of Gammabiotechs can verify their product with a unique code printed inside the product box. They can check the authenticity of their product on the website by entering the code. The codes can be generated via the admin dashboard.

Making Memories
Making Memories-logo
Making Memories


Makingmemoriestourism.com is a tourism company’s website that showcases all their various destinations and places to visit in these particular destinations.

Our challenge was to deliver a image heavy website in a efficient manner, by reducing the load time and allowing the admins to upload many high definition images. We provided a beautiful website with a rich and powerful cms backend from where admins can upload and manipulate data through it.

Our Services


Have you heard the phrase "The first impression is the last impression."? That is exactly what UI/UX helps you achieve, a good first impression on your visitor. Every business application needs a smooth and easy navigating user experience to help increase its sales and growth.The fine line between UI/UX is in its outlook and user experience.
The user interface team here at Wolfx ensures that both navigation and design are delivered in their best form, providing your user with a smooth experience. Furthermore, a team of graphic designers helps you decide the best color scheme, button shapes, font size, and style for your business. In simple terms, they become the visualizing eye of your website.


Today, every business needs an online presence. By online, we aren’t referring just to social media but also a WEBSITE. Your social media presence is more like just a visiting card or receptionist, which gives a brief description of your services.
You/your business may offer a wide variety of products and services, but it cannot be available 24/7 for queries. Humans are restricted to working hours, whereas websites aren't. Websites aren’t bound by their availability in terms of time, and so, can market your business and its products even while you sleep.
With Wolfx, you need not worry about maintaining, updating the website from time to time, or creating enterprise resource planning for your website.


Customers look for engaging and fast responsive apps, while businesses are focused on sales and growth. Mobile apps are the way to go today for brands to gain loyal customers and reward them back adequately.
Wolfx provide two different strong frameworks of Native & Cross platforms. Native applications provide the best runtime and direct access to the device. Whereas, cross-platform uses single code and is easy to build and maintain your app.
Globally, people are hooked on using applications on their devices and we at Wolfx promise to deliver you the best. The developers design, develop and work on the software from scratch irrespective of the device it is to be used on.


Machine learning is essential for business as it helps with customer lifetime value prediction, predictive maintenance, detecting spam, image recognition, improving cybersecurity, increasing customer satisfaction, recommendation of the right product, and much more.
Companies no longer need to keep track of their customer preferences by themselves. In the era of personal assistance like Google and Siri, it is highly efficient to leverage Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, which helps beat algorithms, online recommendations, fraud detection, Augmented reality, virtual reality, and other emerging trends. While AI is used to mimic human abilities, machine learning is a subset of AI that helps train a machine to learn. At Wolfx, we aim to serve these in a customised manner to suit your business needs accordingly.


The significant evolution of the marketing world is quite evident to all. From the age of the town criers to submitting ads in newspapers to making your ad public in just a click, marketing has gone from physical to digital today.
Our specialized digital marketing team optimizes, creates leads and generates higher visibility for your brand and its services. We keep your business updated with the latest trends that reach customers quickly. Besides this, we work to send daily email, texts, manage your social media platforms and web-based advertising. Overall, we bring to you content that can reach your audience both nationally and internationally.


Better the keywords, better the search results. Search engine optimization helps with the organic reach to your target audience and creates quality and quantity traffic. Google and SEO work hand in hand.
The right keywords will bring customers interested in your services from all over the world, providing you with an increase in sales and growth. But this includes deep research for what suits your products, and our team makes that load of work easy for you. Don't worry! Our team at Wolfx has your back! Our research team gets a deep analysis of what's best for your business—keeping in mind the latest trends like voice search, zero clicks, buyer-centric content, etc. We help you understand what's best for your business.

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$ 299

1 page Website Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger Chat Integration SSL Certificate Website Deployment

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$ 499

5 page Website Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger Chat Integration SSL Certificate Website Deployment Admin Panel User Access Control

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Custom Solution

Get customize Solution for your website at an affordable price.

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Ecommerce Basic

$ 599

1 Front Page 1 Shop Page with filters Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger Chat Integration SSL Certificate Website Deployment Simple Admin Panel User Access Control

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Ecommerce Professional

$ 799

5 Page Website 1 Shop Page with filters Shopper's dashboard Multivariant products Inventory management system Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger Chat Integration SSL Certificate Website Deployment Admin Panel User Access Control

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Custom Solution

Get customize Solution for your ecommerce website.

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Yes. Give us your requirements and we have experienced expertise to help you give a new professional look.

We require 50% of the project value at the time of starting the project. After the design is approved and the coding is complete, we’ll show the website from our server. Once the website is approved, you need to pay the balance 50% to enable us to transfer the website to your server. For projects with high value, we are happy to discuss and receive payments in 2 or more installments. 

Normally, the time taken to complete a web assignment can be decided by the client. We can help you get the web assembled for you if you have a time limit in mind.

We have experience with and work with businesses of all sizes, from local companies and start-ups to national and multinational brands. We have worked with:

  • 1. Tourism Industry
  • 2. Hospitality and Event
  • 3. Interior Designers
  • 4. Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 5. SaaS: Software as a Service
  • 6. & much more


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